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Now you have succeeded in getting your product listed on G-Cloud 10, it's time to be disruptive. You can and should make changes to your listing... because most of your competitors won't. Check their pricing, features & benefits and submit changes to your entry that makes you more competitive. Start by checking out G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained (2018)  and our critically acclaimed pathway to sales success on G-Cloud, the UK Government's marketplace for Cloud services.

G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained (2018)

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G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained

G-Cloud 10 edition

Lindsay Smith, FCA

This path-breaking, analytical work examines in detail the content of the UK Public Sector G-Cloud Digital Marketplace in respect of Software as a Service (SaaS) and maps it against sales success and best practice. 80% of SaaS vendors on G-Cloud are failing to make meaningful sales - and yet they are successful outside G-Cloud. In this 38-page eBook we show how the winning 20% have learnt how to be better - and in the majority of cases it takes very little for a non-performing supplier to get into the winners' circle.

It's vital to remember that Crown Commercial Service will let suppliers modify their details on G-Cloud (but not increase price or introduce a completely new service). This is enough. It really should be an essential part of your G-Cloud competitive strategy: go and see what a buyer will find when searching for your type of service and change your details so that (a) you get found and (b) your solution is more attractive than the competition.

G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained (2018) takes a fresh look at SaaS vendors’ sales performance and their offerings on the catalogue, highlighting crucial weaknesses, exemplifying successful strategies and providing an opportunity for teams to benchmark their applications on the Digital Marketplace.


  • Identifies 2 catastrophic errors that are disqualifying half of SaaS vendors from making sales consistent with the buyers' rules
  • The pathway to success: appreciate the rules of the game, get the basic moves, then polish and improve by learning how the pro's do it
  • How to be found in a catalogue of 6,500 products
  • Data analysis is half the story, interviews with successful vendors, buyers, CCS & GDS and successful experience selling on G-Cloud provide expert insight
  • Which attributes buyers appear to look for and discriminate against, we publish the tables
  • See if you are being eliminated by not having the attributes that 75% of the market measure up to
  • If you are new to public sector selling, we offer advice on how to structure the marketing plan that supports your G-Cloud presence


  • Access months of detailed analysis employing advanced techniques and applying 6-years in-depth G-Cloud experience
  • Clear guidance on how to remove toxic components from your next G-Cloud offering
  • Advice on short-term improvements to your offering that could align you better with those enjoying sales success
  • Benchmark your application, make your choices informed, ignore the myths – look at the data
  • Adopt the G-Cloud Maturity Model as your sales & marketing strategy template to project your offering into the magic-circle of winners
  • Understand why vendors can be commercially successful elsewhere yet not selling on G-Cloud. It has nothing to do with unfairness, bias or luck – the answers are hidden in full view

The Author

Lindsay founded the G-Cloud Special Interest Group at EuroCloud, the independent trade association for Cloud vendors, where he was Secretary General from 2012 to 2015. He has closely studied the evolution of G-Cloud since its creation, has a successful sales track record and is a firm believer in G-Cloud's benefit to the industry, the citizen, innovation and economic prosperity. Lindsay’s degree from Warwick University included the disciplines of mathematics, econometrics and statistics and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants; add 30 years Board level experience in the IT (Software/SaaS) industry and you have the mixture of skills and experience necessary to make sense of the enigma behind G-Cloud success and failure. Lindsay is a successful freelance public sector sales & marketing contractor and UK Regional Director for The York Group an international marketing platform specialising in helping SaaS businesses flourish in new markets.

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